Wild Niche: Day #12 & #13

Pantries with built-in wine cellars and brick doorways a little wild for your taste? Well not for mine! After all the work we put in, I’m dropping in on my own kitchen for a new backdrop. 

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Almost halfway through the challenge and I realized I have only used 17 items! Not too shabby, helped by the fact that I was remixing things early on.  Since I have some room for new friends, for day #12 I added some black NYDJ Riding pants and a cute watercolor leopard tank that I tucked under my classic navy cardi.

Day #13 I had a few new tricks up my sleeve. I remixed my ruffled Joie blouse by wearing it open over a deep green embellished tank top.The soft and comfy NYDJ grey leggings I’m rockin’ are a bit high-waisted, so I wore the tank over them and belted them with the woven leather belt I thrifted.  The cute little sling-back Dexter pumps have a round toe and a sweet flower detail, completing the outfit with a feminine flourish. Yep, shoes can do all that!

Reminded by the Dexter heels, observe a fun infographic of Dexter’s Victims.


  1. Big Sis says:

    Rock the wine cellar sister! You look fantastic!!!


    1. krystynfrye says:

      Woo! Thanks Sis.


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