30 for 30 Challenge Day #16: Honorary Cowboy

This morn I elected to embrace the west since I can’t escape it. I’ve never worked on a farm but I grew up in the midst of the old west. I can ride a horse, fire a gun and build a campfire. So…can I please be an honorary cowboy? I’m crediting this inspiration to a recent exposure to movies like 3:10 to Yuma, True Grit, and the wide span of Clint Eastwood movies that Jason keeps on tap for any cinematic emergencies that might require a dramatic staring scene.

Everything but the scarf is a remix today! I scavenged it from a thrift shop and I love the bold blue. The print is flowers and pinwheels. The white tee is C/O Joie and although they are super-pricey I must admit it feels like a cloud. The jeans are my Ann Taylor dark wash, my tall Sketcher boots and a woven belt I’ve had forever.  The dangling-star necklace was made by my mom (Sporadica Designs) from pounded silver and semi-precious stones. It sort of represents the starry sky of the open ranges. Don’t fence me in.

Bonus Pie: A little history nugget about a tall tale of the west that I grew up on; Jesse James. HE never married Sandra Bullock…

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