Comic-Con: Things a Lady Should Know

A quick list of the realities of Comic-Con for a lady from the outside.


Things a Lady Should Know:

  1. There will be LOTS of scantily clad women. You’re husband/boyfriend/girlfriend WILL look and perhaps take pictures. You must let them and move on. Not only does that make you pretty darn cool, but you have to give them the benefit that yes, her Gears of War costume is bad-ass and probably did take months to make.
  2. Being in the fairer sex and the minority, you WILL be gawked at. Don’t waste your time being offended, just enjoy it.
  3. Bring your phone charger with you. Taking so many pictures and updating through your apps will badly drain your battery.
  4. I know it seems like a casual event, but you will be posing for pictures, appear in the background of people’s photos and maybe even end up on TV, so make just a little extra effort on your hair and make-up. Just in case.
  5. For this trip, you better research your facts on the few characters you do know. Someone will ask you and you need to have an informed opinion.
  6. Although rarer, there will be scantily clad male characters and the occasional dapper celeb. Conan the Barbarian? These are for you, ladies.
  7. You must wear sensible shoes. I know your Wonder Woman boots are super important with the costume but guess what? When you can’t walk anymore 3 hours in, your dude will leave you in the dust. At least bring a spare pair of flip-flops.
  8. Yes, that Cylon is checking you out. But so is the Hobbit…
  9. I know you don’t care about the new release of the Something Something War first person whatever. But if he cares and there’s 200 people gathered round it’s worth checking out.
  10. Popular items run out quickly. You want that True Blood t-shirt? You best buy it now.
  11. Don’t expect to eat healthy or cheap. It may be possible, but it’s not logical. Per Spock.
  12. If you are there to fearfully cling to your man’s arm and mock everyone else in attendance, please don’t bother showing up. It sells out every year and there’s no need to take up space that a true fan could have occupied.
  13. Above all, have fun. Whether for you it’s the actual panels and events, or perhaps just the world-class people watching. It is a crazy convention very much worth attending at least once. Please don’t come dressed as Princess Leah…Click the nice lady below for more info on Comic-Con.

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