New Adventures of the Little Black Skirt: Day #14

I was completely at a loss this morning except for one nagging thought bubble: “Must wear little black skirt”. With parking spaces still available in the lot of my 30 for 30 Challenge, I didn’t really have an excuse not to add it in. I snagged this little beauty at Forever 21 months ago, andContinue reading “New Adventures of the Little Black Skirt: Day #14”

Many Belted Things: Day#11

Yeah? So what if I belt everything? You have a problem with that, Random Guy? It is not my fault, I have an addiction. Ever since reading Kendi’s blog and seeing all the beautiful things she has accomplished with a simple belt sprinkled here and there,¬† I have been addicted to belting everything I can.¬†JustContinue reading “Many Belted Things: Day#11”

Comic-Con: Things a Lady Should Know

A quick list of the realities of Comic-Con for a lady from the outside. Things a Lady Should Know: There will be LOTS of scantily clad women. You’re husband/boyfriend/girlfriend WILL look and perhaps take pictures. You must let them and move on. Not only does that make you pretty darn cool, but you have toContinue reading “Comic-Con: Things a Lady Should Know”