New Adventures of the Little Black Skirt: Day #14

I was completely at a loss this morning except for one nagging thought bubble: “Must wear little black skirt”.

With parking spaces still available in the lot of my 30 for 30 Challenge, I didn’t really have an excuse not to add it in. I snagged this little beauty at Forever 21 months ago, and I have really only stared at it quizzically from different angles, never actually leaving the house in it. But I am supposed to be trying new things and taking risks, this would be both of those things.

So with a mental shot of whiskey, and an approving nod from the hubby I embarked on this fabric adventure.  It has a very figure-hugging fit, and I tucked a cute floral print tee (also a new addition in. Playing a bit with color, I remixed my deep red cardigan and I’m pretty happy with how it all looked together. Also present are the ever-loyal tan riding boots, and the thick Wigwam hiking socks secretly tucked within that are keeping my feet so snug and warm.

Shy of your own Little Black Skirt? Here’s some info to help you get started!

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