Outfit Write-up: Long Weekend Escape

Image property of Zappos.com

A quick escape is in high demand when you realize your schedule for the following week is jam-packed, overbooked and so far beyond enjoyable that it makes your head spin to think of it. You need to get out. Now. Your friends beckon you to the bar stool, but you know that isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you seek alpine adventures this weekend. Your waterproof daypack calls quietly from the closet, and you drag it out and pull out your gear. A go-to lightweight jacket that has gone with you on many journeys appears, and soon after you find your durable convertible pants, a breathable base layer and your trusty gloves. All you need now is to pull on your all-purpose outdoor kicks and get a full tank of gas. As you grab your keys, your dog Skippy senses the impending adventure and paces eagerly at the front door. You feel your stress fading as you think of the fresh air that awaits you, and of  Skippy’s head stuck proudly out the window. You consider as you lock the door, that Monday must be a holiday somewhere…

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