Outfit: Table For Two

Another outfit write-up hits the electronic pages: ” The day has been filled with cobble-stone streets, new flavors of gelato, crowded museums and peaceful walks through ancient architecture. Now as the sun fades and the evening begins, you dress for the magic that awaits you at a secluded table for two. A pretty peasant dressContinue reading “Outfit: Table For Two”

Unique & Chic: Outfit Write-up

An outfit write-up from last month. I was feeling saucy: Your personalized style has long been a source of contention to your type-A sister. The subtle email request to “tone it down” for the family holiday party was of course read, but then ignored. That’s all the more reason to turn to a few funContinue reading “Unique & Chic: Outfit Write-up”

Outfit Write-up: Turn Heads

Time for CAPES! And below I had to write about them: A new season means new adventures in chic. Head-turning skinny jeans tuck happily into trendy riding boots that speak highly of your playful style. Proudly tucked beneath your arm is a supple leather hobo bag that compliments the cozy knit cape that’s quickly becomingContinue reading “Outfit Write-up: Turn Heads”

Outfit Write-up: Long Weekend Escape

A quick escape is in high demand when you realize your schedule for the following week is jam-packed, overbooked and so far beyond enjoyable that it makes your head spin to think of it. You need to get out. Now. Your friends beckon you to the bar stool, but you know that isn’t going toContinue reading “Outfit Write-up: Long Weekend Escape”