Unique & Chic: Outfit Write-up

Image by Zappos.com

An outfit write-up from last month. I was feeling saucy:

Your personalized style has long been a source of contention to your type-A sister. The subtle email request to “tone it down” for the family holiday party was of course read, but then ignored. That’s all the more reason to turn to a few fun favorites that will totally clash with her cardigan and pearls. A chic skirt with ladylike detail pairs proudly with lacey tights, tucked into edgy boots with a core of military style. A sleek button-down blouse gives bold contrast to your bright clutch, and to truly top it all off you must turn to your lucky fedora. Although you know she’ll widen her eyes when she greets you at the door, you also know she’ll proudly join your team for the traditional game of funky family charades.

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  1. Sara Sweeney says:

    This is like something I would wear! Love it.


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