An inside look at the high-tech awakening in Las Vegas

A great article from about the downtown scene in Las Vegas.


I live in Las Vegas, and have since 2006. I’ve seen the best of times here — the times that spurred the construction of the behemoth CityCenter on the Las Vegas Strip — and I’ve seen the worst of times — when the city’s unemployment rate peaked at 14.9 percent during the peak of the recession.

Unemployment currently resides at 12.7 percent. If you’ve asked me how I like it here, I’ve probably replied that, for myriad reasons, I don’t all that much. But maybe there’s hope on the horizon thanks to, of all things, online shoe retailer Zappos (s amzn).

You might have read one of the handful of stories that have been written about Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project, but it’s hard to do his $350 million investment justice if you haven’t been here and don’t know the hurdles he’s facing. The abandoned city hall that…

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