Tigers? Oh my.

Today I’m rocking another piece with a giant animal face on it, and my girl Temple has been inspiring me to blog again, so I braved the freeze-off-your-earlobes cold this morn to snap a pic. I always try to be a little playful with my ensembles, because it’s fun, freeing and fitting with my personality.Continue reading “Tigers? Oh my.”

An inside look at the high-tech awakening in Las Vegas

Originally posted on Gigaom:
I live in Las Vegas, and have since 2006. I’ve seen the best of times here — the times that spurred the construction of the behemoth CityCenter on the Las Vegas Strip — and I’ve seen the worst of times — when the city’s unemployment rate peaked at 14.9 percent during…

Snow Trek: Zappos Outfit Write-up

Back in the swing of things , lots of outdoor men’s outfits to write. Here is one: You perk up instantly when you hear the weatherman, and you know it’s time to get your gear together. Your boss already understands what it means when you say you are taking a personal “snow day”. You slipContinue reading “Snow Trek: Zappos Outfit Write-up”

Outfit Write-up: Main Street

Today you’ll start conversations with little more than your presence; in a style that’s yours alone. Blur the lines in a comfy tee with a bold logo paired to a chic button down with distinct western influence. Rock a bold jean in a super slim fit to make a truly remarkable impression. The ideal kicksContinue reading “Outfit Write-up: Main Street”