Kentucky Derby Time

It’s Derby Season! I think of mint juleps, big hats with plenty of flop, and pretty polka dot dresses that flutter in the breeze.

Think you’d like to attend The Kentucky Derby? Well good news! The MAXIM Party Package is still available for a thrifty $2,000 a person. Seems like a logical thing to dip into your 401K for, right?


Anyway, I pay homage today to the fanciness of it all in my own pretty polka-dot dress. It boasts spots of color, is actually sleeveless and has a flowing, chiffon-like layer that has those accordion pleats I love. Pairing it neatly with my riding boots and a classic black blazer with satin lining that looks adorable with the sleeves rolled.

Isn’t it nice to have a manhole in the back of your style photos?

I am wearing this blazer to death and I am not sorry. It gives that little bit of structure to anything with fluid lines and I’m really enjoying the results.

Here’s a few ways you can do the Derby:

And here Esquire tells you how to make a mint julep Like a Man.

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