Deer Make-up w/What You Already Have

As is often the case, I found myself with a Halloween party to go to and no available costume I wasn’t already bored with. What can I say, I like a fresh idea!

With a little creativity and some Pinterest stalking, I was able to put together an adorable deer costume with what I already had around, costing me ZERO DOLLARS. Here’s how you can do it:


Brown/Tan Outfit: for me I found some bron leggings and a soft brown dress I had in my closet.  If you want, you can use chalk to draw spots on your ensemble, or also white printer paper cut into circles.

Headband – as you can see above I used it to twist my hair a bit to go around the antlers. This isn’t a must but I found it created a more ethereal structure to my hair. Very Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Sticks/ Twigs From Outside – yes, find some good ones and pin them in your hair or tuck them under the headband. If you have to, raid some christmas decorations if there might be something twig-like in there to use. Alternatively – you can do what I did above. I cute out antler shapes from cardboard, and I wrapped them in something interesting. In my case I had some real copper flashing around and I wrapped them with that, but twine, ribbon, interesting paper sliced into strands, anything you can find would work.


  1. Bronzer – I laid it in thick to create the ombre.
  2. White Eyeshadow/Highlighter – went in heavy on the lighter areas to really create the contrast.
  3. Liquid/Solid White Eyeliner – used for the spots.
  4. Black Liner – to wing out the eyes in fake lashes and line the nose and brows.

You can use the makeup you have and follow one of the guidelines on Pinterest.

Once I had a direction, this took me maybe 20 minutes to get together. A perfect option for a hurried me 🙂

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