What’s in My Bag? – Harley Quinn

With the quick and violent rise of the villain fashionista set in our fair Gotham, more and more stylists are turning to our ladies of the crime for tips and advice on beauty, style, life hacks, and of course – men. Here, thanks to express permission from Arkham Asylum, I am able to approach theContinue reading “What’s in My Bag? – Harley Quinn”

Deer Make-up w/What You Already Have

As is often the case, I found myself with a Halloween party to go to and no available costume I wasn’t already bored with. What can I say, I like a fresh idea! With a little creativity and some Pinterest stalking, I was able to put together an adorable deer costume with what I alreadyContinue reading “Deer Make-up w/What You Already Have”

Red: A Cosmetic Adventure.

In which I forge ahead into unknown territory, and stake my claim in a new land. One of bold new colorways and risky shades that I’ve never tried before.  I’ve never really worn much lipstick since I wasn’t the biggest fan of my smile. But with more and more to smile about these days, I turnContinue reading “Red: A Cosmetic Adventure.”