What’s in My Bag? – Harley Quinn

With the quick and violent rise of the villain fashionista set in our fair Gotham, more and more stylists are turning to our ladies of the crime for tips and advice on beauty, style, life hacks, and of course – men.

Here, thanks to express permission from Arkham Asylum, I am able to approach the unabashed queen of beauty from behind bars, Harley Quinn ( A.K.A. Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) and ask her the burning question every woman wants to know: What’s in your bag?

Harley addresses me upside down from her cell, hanging quite at her leisure and waving to guard #6 on the left whom I am told is the newest addition and doesn’t know yet what he is up against.

What's in My Bag - Harley Quinn



It is still a mystery to me how Harley managed to not only procure a newly-issued Urban Decay palette, but also so many deadly weapons. Although I did have to turn most of these over to the guards, I decided to catalog them for the post anyway for authenticity. And because Miss Quinn remarked that “every woman worth her salt needs to have something sharp to protect herself. What else she does with it is her biz. K?” She punctuated this statement with a twirl and a pop of her gum.

Some tips and take aways from Harley:

  • Color is the shi#. Use it everywhere you can. Eyes, hair, victims … all of it. What is the point if you can’t stand out?
  • Pointy things are great. Use them.
  • I like to wear my Puddin’s mark. Some gals might think that’s anti-feminist of me – but it makes me feel drunk with power.
  • The smokey eyes is most effective if you let it sit for a few days. Show’s that you mean it.
  • There’s a lot you can do with a hair tie besides put your hair up. Use your imagination.

This quick  chat was both terrifying and remarkably fascinating.  Before the guards escorted me out, she asked me to publish a final note in my post.

“Dear Mr. J,

All items check. K.O. #6. XOXO”

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