Outfit Write-up: Unexplored Canyons

This was an outfit write-up I completed for a hero image that hasn’t yet appeared on the site:

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Your adventures always seem to take you one step too far, but the lure of what’s around the next corner spurs you ever onward.  A comfy moisture-wicking tee with an ultra light design and a mobile cotton twill Capri are the basics to build on when you’re planning your escape to the unmarked trailheads far outside the city limits. Be prepared for the unseen storm with a loyal zip-up fleece, bringing warmth and a protective barrier against the bite of unwelcome winds. Top off your tools of the trade with a perfect pair of barefoot-inspired shoes you can count on as you scramble nimbly through unknown canyons. The world is place full of wonder that should be explored. Leave those that don’t wonder behind.

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